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What is an online booking system?

An appointment booking system is a web software programme that helps businesses accepts online appointments and bookings.
Users can schedule appointments or make bookings online using a web-or cloud-based system known as an "online booking system."
Customers may schedule appointments for services like coaches, therapists, and gyms. An online reservation system can take bookings, process payments, and send invoices online.
These reservation platforms include extra services like the option to cancel or reschedule appointments and pay online.
Online Booking system

Booking system features

An appointment booking system is a web or cloud app that automates the process of making appointments. It helps track of the users schedule and generates reports that can be sent by email or phone.
Systems for scheduling appointments are useful in a variety of industries, including retail, healthcare, education, tourism and hospitality.
A calendar view displaying available, unavailable, and booked timeslots. Users can login to a dashboard to shedule and edit appointments.

How do I add an appointment calendar to my website?

There are two methods to add an appointment calendar to your website:
1. Use a content management system (CMS) plugin or extension.
2. Use a third-party service that can connect to a scheduling API and act as a bridge between your website and the third-party app.

When you create a bookable product and integrate bookings and appointments into your website, it allows you to convert your time, products, or services into bookable resources.

A web-based reservation software has features such as:
1.  Accepting pre-booked deposits for reservations
2. Sending follow up, reminder emails or SMS notifications
3. Display available slots on the website.
4. Discounts for certain times of the week.

You can also integrate appointments and reservations like doctor's, hairdresser's, salon appointments, tours, online courses, event tickets, hotel rooms, bike rentals, sports venues, live classes, car rental, shuttle service, coaches, therapists, gyms, private clinics, consulting firms, and spas, etc.

1. Appointment bookings can be made in hours, minutes, days, months, and start and end dates or check-in and check-out dates are displayed.
2. Multiple day/appointment bookings are permitted, with several reservations per time slot.
3. A minimum and maximum booking time can be set, such as 1 to 6 days with a cancellation deadline.

Google CalSync keeps track of reservations and makes it easy to add them to Google and Microsoft calendars that are already used for time management and scheduling.

The Advantages of Online Booking

Using the online reservation system, you can schedule an appointment by selecting the service and time that work best for you.

1. It is a convenient, quality-of-service and cost-effective system.
2. Online booking is an easy way to book an appointment with a business or a person.
3. The system is open 24/7, not only during office hours.
4. Bookings reduce no-shows because people schedule their appointments around their schedules.
5. Customers can pay faster by prepaying through an online booking system.
6. There is no need for a phone. Online booking increases business because reservations and information are always available.

Sell your services with bookings directly on our website:

A reservation system can be setup on your company's website to sell reservations. This may be a smart approach to boost revenue and make it simpler for clients to make reservations. A booking form can be added to your website or a booking system like Woocommerce bookings can be used. Customers may schedule appointments whenever it's convenient for them, and they can locate the time they require. Additionally, it is far simpler for users to accomplish this than it would be for them to contact a person via phone or email to schedule an appointment. Contact us to find out how to grow your business with online bookings.

Calendar View for online booking

Online Event Calendar

An online event calendar is a platform that can be used to schedule and manage events. It helps individuals and organisations keep track of all their events in one place.

An event calendar allows the user to select a start and end date and time to manage their meetings, conferences, seminars, and other events.
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