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Pargo expanding its online shopping delivery market share

New statistics from OneDayOnly show that Pargo has experienced an increase of 57% in deliveries over the last 12 months.

Pargo is a smart logistics company that makes it easy and affordable for online shops to get parcels to their clients.

The company has pickup points in almost every town in South Africa, even small ones which previously had no access to online shopping.

They also recently announced a partnership with Spar and the Lewis Group to further strengthen their already strong network.

What sets Pargo’s Click and Collect delivery apart from other delivery methods is its reach into South Africa’s rural communities where parcel delivery can be challenging and expensive.

Using the service can also be cheaper than courier services. “On OneDayOnly the Pargo option is about 7% cheaper compared to other courier services,” Oberhofer said.
Why people use Pargo

Pargo explained that many people use its service in preference of courier companies because they don’t have to be at home to wait for a courier.

“35% of the shoppers that use Pargo collect their parcels outside business hours or during the weekend,” Pargo said.

Pargo’s pickup point network encourages this by including points at popular retail outlets inside malls, convenient grocery stores, favourite corner shops, and garages with 24-hour opening hours.

The affordability and convenience of Pargo has seen the company enjoy a 95% customer satisfaction rating, it added.



South African eCommerce Courier startup WumDrop launches no-address delivery solution

South African on-demand delivery startup WumDrop has launched Deliver 2 Me, a delivery solution that delivers to the real-time location of a user’s mobile phone.

WumDrop, which is available in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Durban, allows users to request the pickup and dropoff of packages via their phones.

With the new Deliver 2 Me service, users can choose the hour they would like their order delivered, at their exact location, regardless of whether or not that location has a street address.

The service is available to retailers via integration with WumDrop’s API, with the startup saying it represents a significant leap forward in business-to-customer delivery, particularly across Africa, where address data can be highly unreliable.

“What makes this technology remarkable is its scalability. Deliver 2 Me isn’t locked into a native mobile app like most geolocation services – it leverages the increasingly powerful suite of features found in mobile browsers to deliver an accurate delivery location to the driver, and a clean, easy to use interface to the end user,” said Wilson Canda, WumDrop chief technology officer (CTO).

To use the service when placing an order, users choose the Deliver 2 Me option. When the parcel is ready for delivery, they will receive an SMS with a link to the Deliver 2 Me mobile web app.

They can then choose either “deliver now” or  “deliver later”, with the “deliver now” option allowing them to drop a pin or type in a specific location. “Deliver later” will allow them to choose another time or day when they would prefer to receive the SMS.

For the launch of the product, Deliver 2 Me is available exclusively through the TFG eMall.

“We’re honoured to be partnering with TFG for the launch of Deliver 2 Me. It’s incredibly encouraging to see one of South Africa’s most established businesses willing to put their trust in the technology of a young local startup,” said WumDrop founder Simon Hartley.

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eCommerce Shipping - ParcelNinja

Last year, ParcelNinja attracted R20 million in investment and has now built an impressive eCommerce warehouse and logistics operation.

The company’s 4,500 square metre warehouse near Sandton provides cloud-based warehousing and delivery services for over 50 South African online shops.

The services offered by ParcelNinja include integration into existing eCommerce engines, product warehousing, picking and packing, delivery, and reporting.

An online shop can therefore outsource most of its eCommerce needs to ParcelNinja, leaving the company free to focus on marketing, supporting its customers, and securing good wholesale deals.

The company has developed its own proprietary warehouse management system, which optimises warehouse space, eliminates picking mistakes, and reduces courier costs. The process below shows what happens to a package which arrives at the warehouse and is then delivered to someone who buys the product from an online shop.

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