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Boost your eCommerce Store to make the desired number of conversions

Date: January 9, 2022

Here are some points to consider in order to boost your eCommerce conversion rate:

User interface flaws –
Users may be turned off by your website's design and interface.
A bad user interface is one of the main reasons why some eCommerce businesses fail to convert, whether it's due to the colours and fonts used or the placement of call to action buttons.

Slow site load times – If your page takes too long to load, you risk losing potential customers. One improvement that could be made is to use Cloudflare, which caches webpages from a third-party server and thus improves loading speed.
If your store has thousands of products with images, this will slow down the loading process. One solution is to create a sub-domain where some of the categories and products can be loaded to reduce loading times.

There are no product reviews – Product reviews are the most effective way to influence a consumer's purchase decision.
When a product has reviews, it gains credibility, and users are more likely to buy it.
There could be a number of other factors, including the fact that your competitors are offering a significantly lower price.
Your product images should be of good quality to display the product's detail; multiple images could also be displayed to show the user different view angles.

Improve the landing page's quality.
Add top-selling products and product videos to pique users' interest in your products.

Smartphones are used by more than 55 percent of Internet users.
To adjust to the device screen that is viewing your website, it should be mobile responsive.

Offer coupon codes, discounts, or free trials to your customers to keep them engaged.

List some of your products on classified ad sites with a link to your product page; this will help your products rank higher and improve their SEO.

Recommend related products based on the items in the customer's shopping cart.

Provide live chat on your website to help people who are interested in your products and gently encourage them to buy.

Free Shipping - A customer will be more interested in a free shipping offer that saves them money.
If you can afford it, a flat fee will work best because it simplifies the buyer's decision-making process.

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