Terms and Conditions


  1. Webs.co.za host the clients website on hosting provider Teraco Data Enviroments and provide limited/controled access to the Cpanel or Administrators site of the website. Webs.co.za do not grant access and an access agreement needs to be signed to optain access.
  2. Webs.co.za do not limited to a maximum monthly data for traffic allowance or monthly disk space. The monthly traffic allowance for all Web Hosting services is 1,000 MB, it also includes email traffic of 500 MB, the client should clear unwanted and spam emails from time to time to not exceed the monthly hosting space. In the case where a client needs more space the client may request an upgrade to next higher hosting service package. Hosting space is determined by the amount of products in the package chosen.
  3. Webs do allow clients to host at their own hosting company as long as the requirements for the new server meets our current web server setup. Webs would also host the website and client may host their own email server at their preferred host. Before moving/transfer a website away from our server it's the clients responsibility to make sure that the new host meets the correct spec's and server requirements, we do not migrate/move a website to your new hosting company it will be the new hosting company's responsibility to migrate the website and database. We will supply the server login details for the client after an indemnity document is signed and scanned or faxed back to webs.co.za. It would be the clients responsibility to facilitate and change the DNS records at the domain registrar in accordance with the new hosting companies records. When a website is migrated certain licenses must be bought to receive software updates. It is not webs.co.za responsibility to update and support websites that are migrated away from our server.
  4. In the case where client do not renew their hosting and domain fees on the renewal date of our invoice, webs.co.za will suspend the website hosting and will not renew the domain, if the outstanding fees are not paid within 5 days of the expire date webs.co.za will terminate the website. For any late fees received after the due date webs.co.za will also cancel the hosting and support, clients need to contact us prior to the one month cut off date to transfer their domain and web data to their new hosting service provider. We do not supply support when the website is moved to a different host. When a domain/website is moved/migrated the client needs to sign an indemnity form as described in point 23.
  5. Our prices as advertised include one year hosting, one main domain, a minimum yearly fee from R 1500.00 per year will be charged for the 2nd years hosting. Our hosting, maintenance updates are (CPI) and server license price increase and usd/zar exchange rate related. We offer one hour support via email per month additional support is charged at R 350.00 per hour. We do not allow access to the cpanel and clients that want to access the administrator control cpanel needs to arrange to move/migrate the webfiles away to their own service provider. Monthly fees need to be paid within 3 working days after the invoice date.
  6. Webs shall not be liable for any illegal software or licenses installed or used by the client.
  7. The costs of development, web design of the clients website, including HTML, PHP, or other coding, are not included in the yearly Web Hosting fee.
  8. Clients may cancel the web hosting in 30 days notice, a notice means emailing the notice to Webs, the client may then access the websites main control panel to transfer the web property. Webs will not be responsible for the site migration to a new hosting company, the responsibility is for the new host to take care of software settings. It is also the clients responsibility when receiving the login details not to abuse or give out the login details to sources that cannot be trusted. In the case where a deposit has been paid no refund will be calculated for registration fees, transfer fees, server setup fees, time spend on skype/phone meetings or software/template cost or installation of said software/templates. In the case where a deposit has been paid "the client" referred to as the legal person cancel the order after 14 days a minimum administrators fee of 25% will be deducted from the deposit as the refund amount. In the case where the website has been made live the "client" has 48 hours to test the website, after the 48 hours webs.co.za period all outstanding payments must be made to keep the website live. Access to back-end username, passwords will be supply after a access code of conduct form has been signed to access the backend. Access to backend will only be granted after final payment has been made. Clients website will not be live if there is payments outstanding. For clients that are paying installments, 24 x Monthly payments need to be paid before a website can be migrated. Live training will be supplied via skype to edit/update stock/prices, weight shipping, coupon system and process orders i.e manage the back-end of the shop admin. Training video will be made if required on the above.
  9. Webs guarantee a 99% server uptime per year for hosting the website.
  10. We supply a new registration main domain and hosting for one year, upon accepting our quotation/ or as ordered here, an minimum renewal hosting fee from R 900.00 per 12 months, include domain renewal (depending on the amount of products on the eCommerce website) is payable prior to the next year for domain renewal and hosting the website for one year. We will send a reminder email at least 7 days before renewal date and payment is due, if we do not receive the renewal payment on the expiry date of the domain we will not renew the domain, and the domain will expire. Our corrospondence is via email only.
  11. Webs shall provide the client with email (we do not supply desktop or mobile support to setup e-mail accounts, many tutorials are available to follow for your specific device), domain services, and/or web hosting services in accordance with the client’s choices or as chosen from here
  12. Without limiting the generality of the above the Client indemnifies and holds Webs harmless against losses, injury, damage, penalties, costs on attorney and own Client scale, or claims of whatever nature howsoever arising from or in connection with the Services hereby made available by Webs.
  13. Webs reserves the right to take whatever action it deems necessary at any time to preserve the security and reliable operation of the network where the server are hosted and the client undertakes not to do or permit anything to be done which will compromise the security of Webs server network.
    We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason not prohibited by law. You may not use your website while hosting with webs.co.za for illegal, fraudulent or unauthorized purpose nor may you, violate any laws in your jurisdiction. If we receive complaints that you are using the website for the use of any illegal purposes we will no longer host the website and you need to host your web property elsewhere. We reserve the right to terminate service to any customer for any reason not prohibited by law.
    Any deliberate attempt to cause damage to our hosting servers, the network or any other internet servers will result in immediate account deactivation without prior notice.
  14. Our prices as advertised do not allow for custom changes to the template layouts or sub-test domain version of the website. The website is template based, we include a link to demo templates when prices are quoted, inform us before placing an order. Templates have limitations to be customized. Changing fonts, default shopping cart action buttons or icons, or the core of the shopping cart process is an custom code development. We can only make changes that is within the constraints of the template.
  15. The default Flat Rate shipping method allow a standard rate per item, all products have the same shipping cost. Customization to accommodate advance shipping or Courier API will include additional costs.
  16. We build on Virtuemart and Woocommerce shopping cart and Wordpress and Joomla CMS. Customization of the core shopping cart and functionality for example custom post taxonomy, check out buttons text and color changes is not quoted in our prices. 
  17. Our business hours are from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday - South Africa Time Zone (UTC+02:00).
  18. Our preferred method of communication and support is via skype for interactive visual communication.
  19. Your product images need to be of good quality and a minimum size of 600px x 600px for a square image. Depending if you have landscape or portrait images try keep them the same like 800px x 600px landscape or 600px x 800px for portrait. To upload all your images with the spreadsheet you need to name the files in the spreadsheet and load the product images into wetransfer.com we will then download them and upload them to the website, we only upload one version not multiple versions of when products become avalable. If your images do not meet these requirement we cannot proceed to complete lthe shopping cart. Your images should not pixelate and not be in bad quality. We do not re-work you images in an editing program. It is your responsibility to supply the correct format images. We do not resize images.
  20. You are responsible to supply all content such as data, graphics, photos that is necessarily for your website with in a reasonable time-frame of 45 days. Exceeding the timeframe of 45 days webs.co.za will add a charge of 1.5% on the outstanding amount.
  21. Our development or webdesign invoice are subject to be valid for 45 days. this does not included renewal fees for hosting, where the time-frame is exceeded webs.co.za will implement a price increase on the outstanding proforma invoice supplied of 1.5% on the 45 days reasonable time frame..
  22. Any outstanding balance owed to webs.co.za for your use of our hosting services through the effective date of such termination will immediately become due and payable in full; and your website will be taken offline.
  23. www.webs.co.za do not take responsibility for any losses incurred by the incorrect use of the backend access by the client. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure products are problem free and accurate, the ultimate responsibility lies with the client in ensuring that all software is functioning correctly before accessing the backend, compromising the login details or altering the code in the administrators part of the website. Webs.co.za do not allow cPanel login, the online graphical interface (GUI) a legal indemnity document needs to be signed before access will be allowed to migrate the files to your own account.
  24. Backend access will only be allowed by signing an access agreement. Backend access is only allowed to access your products for editing or loading more products and processing orders. We record a video that you can follow, other areas of the backend like creating new pages, slideshows, editing pages or any part of the backend not shown on the video may not be accessed. Your access to the backend is exclusively to manage your shopping cart products and orders, other areas of the website must be changed, managed and updated by us, we do not teach you the skill of web design. You are responsible to upload, edit your product details. Webs.co.za cannot accept any responsibility for any losses incurred due to malfunction to any part of said website by allowing clients or any 3rd party access to access the backend of the website. Cpanel access will only be allowed to the old website migrated to a new service provider to migrate website databases and related files to a new service provider. We do not support the website when it is migrated on 3rd party servers that we do not manage.
  25. Google Play and iOS Apple Store app development. For both Google Play and iOS Apple Store you would need to create an account, there are yearly subscription fees and hosting fees you need to pay Google Play and iOS Apple and webs.co.za. App submission is only valid on current website versions for major changes to the website a new app needs to be developed

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