Starting an Online Clothing Shop

Create Your Successful Online Clothes Shop:

Online fashion sales in South Africa increased by 124% from 2011 up to 2017 people become accustomed to buying things they can't touch or try on, smaller niche websites progress at showcasing their products online. Online Clothing trend reflected all over the world, with clothing on the top of items purchased online globally.

There is a huge market for smaller niche web clothing shops. Should you choose decide to begin your own Online Fashion Store, read our steps "How to generate an web store"

1. Decide on your own Unique Selling Point:

Why should people obtain clothing from you and not from another site?
What's it which makes your clothing different?
Whatever it's price, new trend, evening dresses or shoes let people know about it.
2. Make your domain and web store name stand out so people remember it:

Choose a memorable name or short name, as people may struggle to remember it.
When someone asks a person where their super cute shirt/bag/dress from, it could be great if they can remember your website name site.
3. Reshearch and Study other successful websites and make your pricing model more appealing:

Price promise or perhaps a free shipping/delivery offer. Think about free delivery for a certain amount, the shopping cart application allows free delivery to a minumum amount purchased.

You want people to choose you over your competitors, of course, so take a look at who they're, what they sell, and what they charge.

Think about coupon discounts and special offers.

4. Define Shop Categories:

Make viewing your products as easy as possible for visitors, ensure you divide your products into sensible categories so visitors can easyly navigate to the spesific category.
5. Make your products stand out with detailed descriptions:

Think about your audience for each product and write the description as if it's a sales pitch to them.
Explain what it's, how it fits, and how it may benefit the buyer. Include lots of specifics, from the materials used to features and specifications.
An info graphic with your sizes will make it easy for customers to choose the correct size.
Most of all, write with passion.
6. Images sell: Make your Product Images Stand Out:

High quality Product images make viewing your products as easy as possible for visitors, people buy with emotion make the product images attractive showing the best angles.

Visitors like to see the maximum amount of detail as possible before parting using their cash. Let's face it, there's nothing worse than receiving something you're likely to wear the next day only to get that it doesn't fit. To prevent such scruples, ensure you provide exact measurements. If you're selling to an international audience, show an International size conversion chart

7. Terms and Returns of your online store:

Make your Returns Policy and Terms and Condition easy to read and not over complicated, this will help your website stand out from other online stores.

8. Get social:

Build as many social pages for a big social footprint, we link your social pages in your website. Social engagement creates credibility.

9. Mobile Responsive Store:

Cell phones searches is more than 60% of the internet your website must be Mobile responsive for Multi-Device Shopping - Cell phone, Tablet and PC

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