How A Payment Gateway Work?

How do a Payment Gateway process transactions from a shopping cart?
  1. An online customer adds products to a shopping cart
  2. When they finished shopping they click on "check out" and enter their billing information.
  3. The customer is transferred to a secure payment gateway. You dont need an SSL Certificate as the payment gateway does the secure transaction.
  4. The payment gateway then transmit to the processor.
  5. The processor transfer the information to the bank that issued the credit card or EFT.
  6. Then verify the card and check to make sure that the requested amount is available on the card or EFT.
  7. The process takes 2-4 seconds from the time that the customer entered their information and on approval be sent back to the e commerce website where the customers order page details display .
  8. The payment gateway transmits the approval code back to your website where the customer made the purchase.
  9. The payment gateway email the customer, an payment receipt and the website email you, the website owner.

With our e-commerce shopping cart you don't need an SSL Certificate

Most website owners do not have the technology or budget to handle the processing of customer payments via a Merchant bank account. The solution is to pay a small fee to a secure payment gateway to process all your transactions. If you are unable to process payments it defeats the whole purpose of having an ecommerce site. This is where payment gateway providers can help you make handling and processing payments an easy process.

All transactions are handled through the gateway and processed by their secure systems that allow your customers to enter their credit card/debit cart or EFT payments on a secure network. Payment processes are encrypted so that your customers are assured their information is safe. Payment processes are very quick and transactions can be completed in seconds. If there are any problems with payments, there are support staff that can answer your questions so that you can keep your business open and earning money.

Your payments made to your account can be transferred into your bank account or some providers issue a free debit card where your money is paid into.

Most payment gateways don't charge a fee to signup and most payment gateways do have an easy online signup that could be completed in minutes.

eCommerce Statistics - What you need to know about the online shopping market:

The majority of online shoppers were women aged between 18 to 39;
The majority of South Africans spend between R250 and R1000 when making a purchase online.
33% of those surveyed made 10 or more purchases online per year; and
28% of shoppers make online purchases using their mobile phones
The busiest times for online stores was after the 25th of each month;
The average shopping basket size in South Africa total around R725 per order; and
70% of all online transactions were paid for with a credit/cheque card.

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