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How does an e-commerce coupon website work?

Groupon is a group-based social e-commerce buying service they have been going for about a year and making a huge impact on local business. Groupon experienced exponential growth in the coupon concept.

Many retailers and small shop owners are struggling to survive in this economy. Groupon and LivingSocial are the pioneers of the hottest new retail marketing strategy. End users sign up, and each day they get a coupon for a discount normally at 50% off the normal price, the deals focus on local business: from hair salons to health and beauty outlets to dog training lessons. This online phenomenon has sparked marketers to clone the Groupon concept and come up with a different take on the coupon deal making concept.

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Start your own Group Deal and Buy Website:

The web software allows users to create a group coupon web portal business in their local area. The interface is user friendly to manage coupons and deals for customers and sales people that you recruit . To find out how to start your own Group Buy business and be part of the hottest e-commerce phenomenon in your local area click here
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