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Managed eCommerce hosting services

Our fully managed online store solution, you can launch, manage, and grow your business without having to worry about a single thing.
It is possible to have peace of mind by using managed hosting services.
We will take care of all monitoring, management, and maintenance for you, so you will not be provided with root access to your server environment.

Teraco improves enterprise hybrid and multi-cloud performance

With over 20 000 cross-connects, Teraco is Africa's most interconnected data centre hub. Teraco is the first provider of highly resilient, vendor-neutral data environments in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Terrico's world-class data centres and network dense ecosystems are critical to the African Internet's backbone and modern business' digital transformation strategy.
Teraco's ever-expanding ecosystems position it as an open marketplace for digital growth and innovation.
New business partners, strategic interconnections, cloud on-ramps, and global markets – Teraco is the secure, flexible, and resilient home for digital organisations worldwide.

Teraco's data centres in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town are purpose-built and operated to global best practise standards by a specialist organisation focused on data centre technology and infrastructure.

CloudFlare CDN

CloudFlare is an online security and performance optimization service.
Using CloudFlare, your website's web traffic will be routed through our global network of intelligent routers.
If you use CloudFlare, your web pages are delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible to your visitors.
Your website's resources are protected from threats, as well as from malicious bots and crawlers, thanks to these security measures.
The end result is that CloudFlare-powered websites see a significant increase in performance and a decrease in spam and other attacks.
CloudFlare Illustration Before and After
With each new user, CloudFlare's system improves in both speed and intelligence.
cloudflare global network location cdn hosting shown per country

LiteSpeed Web Server's improves performance of web hosting platforms

LiteSpeed Web Server's extensive feature set and user-friendly web administration interface can help you build a robust web hosting infrastructure.
LiteSpeed Web Server's event-driven architecture improves performance and scalability of web hosting platforms.
It can serve thousands of clients simultaneously while using minimal server resources like memory and CPU.
LiteSpeed Web Server's optimised code increases PHP performance and serves static websites faster than Apache.
It can handle sudden traffic spikes and help manage DDOS attacks without DDOS mitigation hardware.
LiteSpeed Web Server supports Apache's mod security and has built-in DDoS protection.
With customizable features like per-IP connections and bandwidth throttling, attackers can be stopped before they overrun your server.
litespeed LiteSpeed Web Server's event-driven architecture improves performance and scalability of web hosting platforms
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