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Ecommerce Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are no longer just for big name brands, small and medium size businesses are converting their websites to be available on the Google play and Apple iOS store.

Smart phones accessing the internet is increasing about 8X’s faster than Desktops (9% Desktop vs. 72% Mobile and Tablet gadgets). Apps are downloaded and installed on your mobile device, rather than being rendered within a browser. Users visit device-specific portals such as Apple’s App Store, Android Market in order to find and download apps for a given operating system.
What is a A mobile app?
A mobile app, is a software program application that you download from either Google Play (Android gadgets) or the App shop (iOS gadgets).
An app is “native” to the tool on which it’s designed to run so it operates faster than a responsive internet site on the same device.
An app doesn’t need a web connection, this means that your mobile app can always be opened and used.
Makes it convenient for the user to just swipe the App on their smartphone to access the website.
A mobile app is going to be a standard component of any business in the future.
Android & iOS APP eCommerce Development
Personal custom icon launcher.
Personal custom designed splash screen.
Send Push Notifications via App.
Monetize Your App through AdMob integration.
App Submission.
Push Notifications.
We post your app to the Google Play & iOS store.

One of the benefits of having a mobile app is that all the information you’d like to provide to your customers could be done through push notifications.
Easily remind customers about your products and services.
Improve your business enterprise: Build a Brand, Improve Customer Engagement and Loyalty.
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