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Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways

The crypto payment gateway is used to sell your goods or services through a standard e-commerce store. Advantages of using a crypto payment gateway:

Security – The blockchain network's security and transparency are nearly unrivaled. Low Fees – Compared to fiat payment methods, cryptocurrency transactions are inexpensive. Fast – Many cryptocurrency transactions are almost instantaneous. International – accept payments from all over the world.
Crypto currency payment-gateways

Free and premium WooCommerce plugins for accepting crypto payments from your store

Blockonomics is a cryptocurrency payment processing service that enables online merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments. People can use Litecoin, Etherium, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to pay for things because this payment processing system isn't controlled by anyone. This helps businesses boost overall sales, revenue, and profit. Its P2P encrypted invoice service will be beneficial to many businesses. You'll need a Blockonomics account to use their services, and each transaction will cost you 1% of the total.

BTCPay Server is a cryptocurrency payment processing service that lets you receive funds quickly from people who want to pay you in Altcoins or Bitcoin. Because the open-source, free thing does not require a middleman or charges for anything, there are no transaction costs or fees.
In the self-hosted solution, you can use the Lightning Network to connect BTCPay to as many stores as you want.
Customers who shop on those websites can also use it to make payments.
If you've already used Bitpay's plugin, using BTCPay and moving data is a breeze. The BTCPay for WooCommerce plugin has gotten a lot of good reviews. It has a plethora of useful features.

Coinbase allows traders, individuals, and businesses to do a variety of things with digital currencies.
To begin selling and buying Bitcoin, create a digital wallet account that is linked to your bank account. Coinbase Commerce is compatible with WooCommerce.
The package also includes a number of merchant resources and payment processing tools. The Coinbase Commerce Payment Gateway included in the WooCommerce plugin accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, USD Coin, Litecoin, and Etherium Coin as payment methods.

To connect your business to CoinPayment's digital currency payment service, you can use simple interfaces, APIs, and plugins. The store accepts over 17,000 different altcoins in addition to Bitcoin.
CoinPayments is a WooCommerce cryptocurrency plugin.
CoinPayments is a multi-currency cryptocurrency payment platform that accepts a number of different currencies. It boasts a user base of over three million people and is available in more than 180 countries. Customers can pay for their purchases in Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies using the CoinPayments.net Payment Gateway for WooCommerce plugin. Customers can pay for their purchases in these currencies using this payment gateway.

Payment method is a Bitcoin payment method. There are no fees and no need for a special account to use this service.
You can start accepting Bitcoin payments right away with this WooCommerce gateway. People who want to pay you can scan the QR code and send money.
TripleA will help both buyers and sellers.
Using real-time exchange rates, you can get your money in 19 different currencies (with a 0.8 percent withdrawal fee). There are no chargebacks, and each transaction is accompanied by an email.

To accept Altcoin and Bitcoin payments from your WooCommerce online store, you don't need to hire a middleman.
This WooCommerce Bitcoin/Altcoin Payment Gateway eliminates the need for a third-party wallet, allowing you to get your coins as soon as your customers make a transaction.
For WooCommerce, CoinMarketStats has an altcoin payment gateway.
When you make a purchase, you have the option of receiving automatic or manual confirmations.
You must check that money have been delivered to your cryptocurrency address once a consumer orders and pays for an order.
The order will be put on hold until you can confirm that payment has been received.
Orders can be manually completed for free. Automatic orders are included in the paid version of the plugin.
Each order will be accompanied by a payment confirmation. There's no need to go over each piece of data one by one.

Cryptoniq – Cryptocurrency Payment Plugin for WordPress was created by DivEngine. Customers can pay for their orders in a variety of currencies with this premium plugin. In the meantime, Tron (TRX), Dogecoin (DOGE), Etherium (ETH), and Bitcoin (BTC) can all be used. Plugin that allows you to pay with cryptocurrency on your WordPress site.
Payments are made using a Decentralized Payment Method. Cryptoniq only needs the information from your wallet. After that, clients will be able to send money to your online wallet address.

Is a WooCommerce plugin that lets you accept payments in Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin, as well as send automated payment confirmations. This tool makes it much easier to keep track of private keys, customer information, and order checkouts.
Use the CryptoWoo HD Wallet add-on to gain access to additional features.
It allows you to send money from your HD wallet account to another HD wallet account. Other add-ons can be used to accept various types of cryptocurrency payments.

CryptoPay WooCommerce:
WooCommerce's CryptoPay plugin makes it simple to accept cryptocurrency payments. MetaMask, a cryptocurrency wallet, can also be used for this.
Because the virtual POS and many other payment methods take a cut of what you pay them, you must pay them. The only thing that costs money here is the "gas" fee that blockchains charge.
As a result, the funds will be deposited into your account immediately.

South African payment processors
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