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cellphone_shortcodeThe Next Alternative For Online Payments:

The world population including developing countries in Africa use GSM mobile phones,for example in Africa credit cards are not used, 65% of the African population possess mobile cell phones, so SMS online payments are now possible to a merging population in Africa.

Credit card frauds due to the Internet became the prevered payment method. Short Code payments is more secured as they don't require to provide sensitive personal data. SMS payments take a few seconds to be accomplished, SMS short code Transactions is appropriate for impulsive buying.

SMS payments are ideal for micro payments and small payments in a way make consumers part with money more willingly credit card transactions cannot handle small micro payments.

Different Short Code Services:

Short Code Content this service sell content via your website.This is a new trend in Mobile Cell services industry and will generate additional revenue,with this service your users will be able to pay with their cell phones for any image, audio or video file on your website and will be send directly to the customer.

Short Code Talk or Chat sms allows your website visitors to send SMS messages displayed in real-time on your website.Can be used for voting, polls, complaints or a donation service.

Short Code Access service provides prepaid access to any content at your website.To get access your customer has to send an SMS message on a short number (shortcode). Response SMS contains a password (SMS access key) to access the information. Short Code SMS Competitions console allows you to create unlimited number of text based SMS competitions.Integrate SMS competitions within your website.

We offer micro payments that can be integrated with a ecommerce website.

This allow the client to pay via their mobile/cell phone, mobicred is a simple & convenient credit facility that allows a cellphone to safely shop online or make payments.

We do integrate mobicred into an ecommerce solution.

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These solutions can turn your website into a source of profit in the matter of days.

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