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Integrating an online store with Facebook and Instagram to expand customer base

Expand your online store with social commerce

Social commerce is the practise of selling goods and services using social media platforms.
Customers can buy your products right from the social media platform, or they can buy products linked directly from your e-commerce store.

Social commerce is changing the way consumers shop. Sync Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest with your store.

Consumers and sellers will have a transactional link with social media integration in your online company, allowing you to focus on creating and deepening connections with customers. Promote and sell your products on Facebook and Instagram. Allow people who might be interested in your products or services to learn more about them, look at them, and buy them right from your online store.
Sell your products on Facebook and Instagram by syncing your online store from your shopping cart:

A Facebook Shop is a platform that allows companies to sync an online store and sell their products via Facebook or Instagram. Adding your online store to your Facebook shop is a great way to boost and increase engagement in your sales. The method of syncing your products makes the purchasing process easier while also improving the customer experience.

The use of social media platforms to sell items and services is known as "social commerce." It entails promoting sales using social media accounts, groups, sites, and applications. It also involves using these platforms to acquire clients by providing discounts or other incentives to people who follow a brand on a certain social site.

Meta and Instagram are the most popular social commerce marketing websites in South Africa. Targeting Facebook and Instagram from your store, and vice versa, is one of the most important parts of building a business. And there are many more things you can do influential people and brands contribute to the decision process of buying. Which is why social platforms are increasingly integrating shopping features and check-out action possibilities.

Advertise your items on Facebook and Instagram, so that potential clients may buy them directly from your eCommerce site or from Facebook and Instagram interact with your store.

Connect your Instagram and Facebook Meta accounts to your eCommerce store strategy is to expand your consumer base. With social media marketing, you may sell more things in your online business.

Facebook is one of the most widely used social networking platforms. Facebook has about 1.4 billion daily active users and over 2 billion monthly active users. The company's mission is to connect individuals with one another and with the environment around them, but more importantly, to keep those relationships alive.

By connecting your store to Meta, you may reach out to your customers in new ways, such as:
Increase your product sales to your Facebook fans, promote your online store.

Increase traffic to your online store:
Customers will be able to log in using their Facebook accounts, making the registration procedure more convenient. in order for customers who have logged out of their Facebook account to come back to your site.

Users of online shop owners may create a Facebook account, which is integrated with their store. This will give them access to that company's or organization's Facebook page, as well as the opportunity to like, comment on, and share anything posted there. Thanks to this connection, businesses using online stores will be able to see what their consumers are interested in. Businesses may build Facebook pages for their businesses and post information about their products and services. They may also reach out to potential clients using the Facebook advertising network.

Instagram is also an excellent social shopping platform to connect with your store:

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media network that allows users to share their work with their followers. According to estimates, Instagram has approximately 800 million monthly active users. By empowering content creators beyond opinion sharing, social influence is fast becoming social commerce.

Instagram is good for businesses in the fashion, beauty, and food industries because it lets them share photos and videos.

Profit from Pinterest's e-commerce features, a connection between a shopping cart and Pinterest users helps merchants reach the right audience.

Users can install Pinterest for WooCommerce from the WordPress Dashboard. Integration for other shopping carts is also available; it pins the entire product catalogue.

Shoppable pins will be displayed in consumers' Pinterest feeds. Pricing and availability are automatically updated.
Shopkeepers can also track top-selling and saved items with the addon.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, nearly two-thirds of Pinterest users use the site to shop. Unbranded queries account for 97 percent of Pinterest searches.

Pinterest's Verified Merchant Program.
This free programme includes exclusive features, including merchant data to show brand values. Users can choose from ads for shopping or collecting things, automated campaigns, or dynamic retargeting.
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