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Top 10 things South Africans buy when they go online shopping

Date: June 23, 2016

Latest Report reveals a big increase in the number of people in South Africa who go online shopping.

The EM e-Commerce Industry Report 2016, published by Effective Measure (EM), in conjunction with Visa, showed that as many as 23% of 12,000 respondents go online to shop at least once a month.

More than half (56%) are shopping online on a weekly or monthly basis vs 45% who shop online on a yearly basis.

14% go online shopping at least once a week, the report said, with nearly two in 10 (19%) going online ‘a couple of times a month’.

With the increasing availability of online shopping in South Africa, the report reveals that consumers have purchased these 10 items the most:

    Books (29%)
    Tickets for events (28%)
    Travel tickets (28%)
    Hotel reservations (22%)
    DVDs, videos, or music (22%)
    Software (19%)
    Holiday Packages (16%)
    Clothes and accessories (14%)
    Flowers and gifts (12%)
    Toys and games (10%)

For in 10 (41%) respondents indicated that the overriding assurance they look for when shopping online is guaranteed returns and 59% say that an “on delivery” payment option would motivate them to purchase online more often.

When it comes to paying for goods online, card payments are preferable with 58% of respondents indicating that they prefer to pay with a card and 23% would rather pay on delivery.

Other key insights from the report include:
50% of online shoppers in South Africa have a household income of R20 000+ with over 60% working full-time jobs.

The four main reasons users enjoy shopping online include time saving, product review access, special offers and price comparisons.

Delivery within 5 working days is most common and South African online consumers are largely content with this.

Young SA consumers who choose not to shop online, do so due to the fact that they do not have access to credit facilities.

Source: businesstech.co.za/news

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