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The Key Trends That Will Define eCommerce in 2016

Both eMarketer and Forrester forecast that online retailers in the United States will sell between $355 billion and $393 billion worth of product in 2016.

According to their projections, the total revenue generated by eCommerce in the United States will exceed $500 billion by the year 2018.
It will be vital for businesses to update their existing business, marketing, and merchandising strategies in order to adapt to the requirements of the contemporary day customer if they wish to maintain their relevance and secure a share of the market.

Changes in buying behaviors and technology have significantly affected how people shop; companies that embrace rather than resist those changes will find themselves easily currying favor with customers.

1. Consumable, easy-to-replenish goods create predictable sales

2. Brands thoughtfully produce and promote content

3. Offline shops boost online sales

4. Producing an almost tangible reality

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