Custom E commerce development

We also build Custom eCommerce websites:

          • Groupon Coupon Sites:

            Coupons sites help users to save on products and services for cheaper deals or discount.
            Professional looking coupon website that can offer coupon codes, discounts or vouchers.
            Advanced coupon features including expiration date settings.
            Coupon submission and backend owner administration.
            A Coupon website make money by charging a marketing fee for advertising and promoting offers.
            The owner collect a fee or percentage of the revenue generated by selling the voucher on the website. Read more about Coupon webdesign.
          • Dating Site with a membership subscription payment:

            Considering starting a dating/matchmaking website or looking to launch a niche or local meeting place.
            Generate income from reoccurring Memberships or have different paid levels providing access to restricted content.
            The dating/matchmaking provides dating profiles with pictures and information about the people.
            The design is completely responsive for viewing on tablets and phones, and it has custom post types for modules with video, audio and even quotes.
          • SMS Payment integration - Micro Payments:

            SMSpay Payment Gateway allows you to accept payments via SMS on your website, using a mobile payment gateway service.
            The checkout process advantage of faster and easier payments, driving more conversions.
          • Corporate CMS website design:

            A corporate website is a powerful online marketing tool for promoting your business online.
            We Creating a professional business or corporate website these days is never been easier, thanks to CMS.
            A CMS or a 'Content Management System' allows you to control and manage the content within your web site - without technical training.
          • Amazon Affiliate Store design or Aliexpress affiliate, sell products and get a commission:

            The Amazon Associates program help website owners, Web developers, and Amazon sellers make money by advertising millions of new and used products from
            When website owners create eCommerce links and customers click through those links and buy products from Amazon, they earn up to 10% of the referral fees.
          • Video Membership web sites:

            Allows you to sell online memberships and restrict access to posts and pages on your website.
            Create unlimited online membership plans (e.g. Gold Membership, Silver Membership etc)
            Add or remove members manually from easy to use admin control panel.
          • Directory Listing Sites with membership subscription payment:

            Planning on creating an online directory? We supply the perfect set of tools to build a professional online directory.
            Search engine friendly directory website manage listing packages, memberships, recurring payments, claiming listing tools and more.
            Whether you want to list local businesses, tourist attractions, events, or classifieds adverts.
            The directory can include an geographical Google Maps integration.
            Users submit their content after payment that streamline administration of the user generated content.
            Membership subscription payment that is per time period or reoccurring automatic payments.
          • Content Subscription Niche web sites:

            Content Subscription Membership websites allow users access the content on-demand.
            A membership subscription niche website provides paid members with a library of information on a specific topic of interest.
            This could be eBooks, documents or content information, payments from members could be pay per view, pay per download or term based memberships.
          • Paid classified advertising websites:

            Paid classifieds advertising gets better exposure, ads run longer, larger content, rich media ads.
            Paid classified ads get 12 times more exposure than free ads.
            Paid advertising gives the advertiser more control over targeting. For instance, target specific demographics, industries and geographical area's.
          • Event registration, Ticket sales and online booking:

            Post an event like festivals, fundraisers, conferences, parties, retreats or workshops.
            Collect payments with credit card processing via a payment gateway.Track payments and manage refunds all in one control panel.
          • Hotel booking system or Rental booking system:

            Our reservation/rental and booking software will integrate with most payment gateways.
            Integration of cloud-based apps such as Google Calendar & Analytics, auto responder mailing list, CRM and accounting systems.
          • Real Estate paid listing directory:

            Create a global or local Property directory that provides media rich listings for a specific geographical areas, detail video gallery, media gallery and more detail like house plans and site plans.
          • Job listing with subscription reoccurring payment system:

            Create an subscription service for job seekers or create free public access and charge the Job/Employment agency to list their job positions on a reoccurring payment system.
            Provide value to the public users.
            Resume Subscriptions lets a user post X amount of resumes before expiring.
          • Auction Membership Subscription:

            Built in bidding system allowing members to bid their highest bid or the system will auto bid for membership users.
            Members set shipping costs, "reserve price" and "buy now" auction prices.
          • Multi-Vendor Marketplace store similar to with Adaptive Payment Gateway Integration:

            Assign existing products to vendors, or vendors can add and edit their products, vendors have their own shopfront within the marketplace like a shopping mall.
            Dedicated shop page on the site where vendors list all of their products.
            Control over how much commission each vendor receives for a sale and manually add new commissions and edit existing ones.
            You’ll be able to see how much your vendors are earning and how revenue they are generating for you.
          • Music download membership:

            Distribute and sell your music yourself or sell background and theme music.
            Alternatively sell your music on iTunes or another marketplace simply paste in the link in your music store to the track the sale.
            Sell as an music affiliate from other 3rd party stores.
          • Product Designer:

            Let your customers design their own products like T-shirts, Muggs, posters and any prints before placing the order.
            Create complex, product kits and let your customers build their own, personalized versions.
          • Car Dealer Membership Subscription:

            Car Dealer & Marketplace eCommerce directory membership website.
            Users can purchase submission packages to submit vehicles for sale on your website.
            Users can, register, login, edit their profile, submit listings.
          • Micro Jobs Membership Subscription:

            Allow visitors to post jobs on your website and you earn a commission for each one sold.
            Setup listing and advertising fees as well as place banners and other advertisements.
          • NGO (Nonprofit Organisation) website integration to accept online donations:

            Accept donations online with PayPal nonprofit credit card processing options
          • Android & iOS platform mobile app development:

            Build from any existing website or special application website.
          • Crowdfunding website self-hosted crowdfunding:

            Crowdfunding website's aim is to raise money for a project, allows individuals to optain funds for their ideas with the power of the crowd.
            Platforms example websites Kickstarter and Indiegogo
            User Submitted Projects.
            Visitors can easily register for creator accounts and start submitting projects.
            Charge Project Fees.
            Charge flat or percentage based fees.
            Offer project submitter's the choice of fixed funding, flexible funding, or both.
          • eCommerce App Development:

            We Build iOS and Android Apps for your eCommerce Website
            Approved and uploaded on Google Play and iOS Apple Store. Mobile App Development

The different types of eCommerce Websites:

An eCommerce website core business is to sell products, services or information online. These sites have multiple versions and types. Here is a better understanding of how different types of transactions from an online website. The Type of the Market an eCommerce store trade in could be defined as;

B2C - Business-to-Customer:

This is the normal online businesses selling to customers. The business own the eCommerce site or it sells its product on a marketplace. The number of transactions and customers would be higher than the B2B business. Sell all kinds of consumer goods, such as computers, software, books, shoes, cars, food, financial products, digital publications, etc

B2B - Business-to-Business:

B2B eCommerce sites are businesses selling services and products to other businesses. For example a computer part manufacture selling a computer production house. Such websites have comparatively less visitors as it sells mainly to other businesses. An example would be that is a B2B online marketplace.

C2C - Customer-to-Customer:

Customers sell products, services or information to each other. Type of the product isn’t restricted to only manufactured products. Such market could have a multiple selection of products ranging from new, second hand products to home-made products.

C2A - Consumer-to-Administration:

The Consumer-to-Administration model include online transactions between individuals and public administration.
Examples include:
    Education – to spread information, knowledge or distance learning.
    Taxes – filing tax returns or payments.

Have you ever thought to profit from an E Commerce subscription business through Shopify or Amazon or AliExpress but have no idea how to start or what type of products to sell?
The systems is an unique new online training approach to selling physical and digital products.
Integrates in your installation and imports and post niche products from AliExpress or Amazon.


      • Your Own Turnkey AliExpress Dropshipping Store
        All the designs are responsive and look great in any browser, device or operating system.
        100% ownership
        Complete eCommerce solution
        Automated management system
        All the necessary features for creating and managing your products and importation of AliExpress items, auto updating of product information, and pricing automation.
        Just click the 'Order' button and confirm the order on AliExpress.

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