Why create an eCommerce Website?

Based on our experience of being in the online eCommerce business for over 14 years, eCommerce websites are becoming more popular by the day.
Business owners are becoming internet savvy and they are always looking for different ways to increase revenue.
By redistributing products and services online it increase the selling potential of products to be sold online it is a logical step forward for them whether if they already have a website or not.
Our offer includes training, hosting, domain registration and marketing complete online business.
Over the years we’ve built up a large client base and network of offline business owners who need help with anything related to online marketing.

We receive inquiries asking us for help on selling their products:

“How can we put our website online and sell over the internet?”
“How can I sell my art online?
“How can I sell my own line of health care products from my website?”
“How do I setup online store as an addition to my website?
“How can I sell my computer training online?

We help local business to sell their line of products or services online to make more sales in addition to anything they were selling from their physical store.

There are 2 core eCommerce Business types;

How to build an E-commerce Shop For Service Providers

These are local service based businesses that can benefit from putting additional products online for sale. Since selling a service itself in person versus on a website makes more sense, the idea here is to set up an online store that these businesses can use to sell additional products that “compliment” the services they offer.

  • Sell any training services online it could also be delivered digitally or via skype
  • Hair salons who want to sell their shampoos and hair care services online.
  • Sell Car or House care services online.
  • Personal trainers who want to sell their own books or training products online.
  • Sell information services like a classified ads or any type of online directory services.

How to build an E-commerce Shop For Local Business

These are local businesses that sell products offline locally, who can benefit from also selling their products online in addition to their offline/physical sales.

  • Auto parts shop
  • Real Estate Portal sell listing subscriptions.
  • Directory Business Portal sell listing subscriptions.
  • Job Listing Portal sell listing subscriptions
  • Equipment rental
  • Shoe stores
  • Camera stores
  • Computer equipment
  • Jewelry Store
  • Lady's Fashion Shop

Our online shop portfolio:

WOOcommerce Themes

Virtuemart Templates

The advantage of selling a service or products online via an Online Shop

If done correctly and if the business owner actually uses the store and promotes it, they could see an explosion of sales and tremendous growth in their business over time because they are no longer limited to selling their products locally.

Gain New customers with Search Engine Visibility:
Physical retail is driven by branding and relationships. Online retail is driven by traffic from search engines. It is not unusual for customers to follow a link in search engine results, and land up on an e-commerce website that they have never heard of. This additional source of traffic is the big advantage of e-commerce businesses.

Lower setup costs:
An e-commerce solution equals less overheads and these lowered costs could be passed on to customers. Lower costs equals more sales.

Save on Marketing and Advertising:
Search engine traffic, pay-per-click, and social media traffic are some of the advertising channels that can be cost-effective. Using web as a media of advertising your website, is much cheaper compared to that of other audio-visual medias, like radio or TV.

Less Staff overheads:
Because ecommerce website is automation of checkout, billing, payments, stock management it lowers the number of employees required to run an e commerce setup. An ecommerce website does not need a prominent physical location.

Buy Product Faster online:
You don't need to drive long distance to a shop and check it out at the till. With an ecommerce website, customers can buy with a few click’s of the mouse. Our websites remember the customer shopping lists and use the same login details for a repeat purchase.

Enable Coupons, and discount buying:
Though there are physical equivalents to coupons, and wholesale buying, online shopping makes it much more convenient. By allowing coupons on your website impulsive buyers would grab the opportunity to get the discount.

Product display Information:
E commerce websites can make visual information easily available to customers. Products can be described in detail with visual images and video’s. It further saves time per transaction. You don’t need sales representative to take time to demonstrate your product to any customer. It takes less time for them to understand benefits and hence and making the sale is automatic.

Sell in any geographical location:
If you have a physical store, you are limited by the geographical area that you can service. With an ecommerce website, the whole world is your playground.

Open All the Time 24/7/365:
Ecommerce shops can run all the time. From the seller’s point of view, this increases the number of orders they receive. From the customer’s point of view, an “always open” store is more convenient.

We are professional eCommerce website developers to create the look and feel with the features and functionality of an efficient Online Store;

We are a one stop shop we setup your complete website:

  • Domain registration
  • Dedicated free hosting for the first year
  • 24×7 support
  • Train you how to update your own store and all the administration of changing prices, uploading new products.
  • Integrate your website to a payment gateway for automatic payment processing

Complete e commerce web design from R 4900.00 click here for more info

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